Dual Roulette from Playtech

Double Roulette is actually a system provided by Playtech to its live dealer casinos. It allows players to select two live roulette tables available and bet on both simultaneously and in the game window. Therefore, it is not necessary to open another game.

At the live roulette time must be provided for the wheel to turn and for the players to place their bets. Many players feel that it is time wasted from active bets. So, as the Playtech guide says, “Double Roulette gives you the ability to double your gaming experience and minimize the idle time you spend between rounds. This is something virtually impossible in the actual casinos.

Players can select specific tables from the main entrance of the Live Dealer Casino. The decision may be based on compatibility with the live dealer, realization of the game or any other criteria that the player may have. All tables follow the standard rules of European roulette. The two selected roulette wheels will not be synchronized and will not share bets or results. If a round takes place, then the player will have to wait until it is finished before placing bets. Players must remember that in double roulette, they have a limited amount of time to place a bet, unlike the roulette of a regular casino. Players can skip a round by not placing bets.

Most Playtech live roulette tables have the “Auto Confirm Bets” function. The Confirm button appears only after the player places the bets and the bets are confirmed manually. All bets that are placed and not withdrawn before the “No More Bets” signal will no longer be confirmed. After all, the purpose of games with live croupiers is to reproduce the environment of a real casino.Players who are not comfortable with this feature can turn it off in the Options menu.

Another aspect in land based casinos is that players can see all the bets of other players.Playtech’s live dealer casinos integrate this through the Community Chips feature. The first bets of the players are presented on the table and are visible to other players as well. Community tokens are not shown with bet quantities. Players can also place multiple bets for the same round if the betting round is still open.

At the double roulette, the game window is divided between two roulette tables. Each table displays its own information bar which includes the bet amounts and winnings for the last round played. This is for gamblers bets. The names of the dealer and the player, and the time that indicates how long it remains to place the bets are also displayed. The live video stream of the roulette wheel appears on the left side of each board. The video will zoom in on the croupier before the lap and on the wheel until it stops. Below the video stream is the Neighbors panel. This panel allows players to place nearby bets. The History slider on the right side of each table shows the results for the last 30 laps played on that table.