The French gaming and betting market and its quarterly results

Arjel has just published the indicators for the 2nd quarter of 2012. Sports betting has increased by 28% and the turnover of operators is up 39%. Horse betting kept the increase in bets, posting a rate higher by 9% and a PBJ by operators up 20%. The games of circle show a decrease of the bets of the cash games and a progress of 24% of the entrance fees to the tournaments. In addition, the PBJ of online poker operators is down 11%.

For the period analyzed, the numbers of active player accounts are: + 36% in sports betting, + 2% in horseback bets, and -9% in games of circle. The increase in the number of active player accounts in sports betting is due to the football Euro in June 2012, which attracted up to 170,000 active player accounts in a week. As for poker, the decline is explained by a limited general trend.